Khalsa Sewa Society Holland

KSSH is registered in the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam under regd number (KvK 69454450) and Notary public number RSIN 857880822. All related documents you could find by clicking on 'More Info' button given below this paragraph.

Khalsa sewa society Holland is based on the advise of Sikhs Guru's. During the frequent sallies and skirmishes between the Sikhs and the enemy, Bhai Kanhaiya was often seen carrying a mashak, to serve water to anyone who was thirsty. He took upon the task of quenching the thirst of the wounded soldiers in the battle of Anandpur Sahib in 1704. He did this sewa with love and affection without any discrimination between the Guru's Sikh soldiers and the Mughal armies' soldiers. His act of compassion stirred up stern criticism amongst his fellow Sikhs, They were especially annoyed because the Mughals had surrounded the city and stopped all their food supplies, and here was Bhai Kanhaiya sharing with them what little water they had. Guru Ji, have you not taught us to treat all God's people as the same? Kanhaiya Ji, You are right. You have understood the true message of Gurbani

Guru also gave Bhai Kanhaiya Ji medical Balm and said “From now on, You should also put this balm on the wounds of all who need it." Khalsa sewa society holland works without any discrimination towards colour, nationality, gender and social status.

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Our goals

Bhai Ranjit 's daghter had two sons  7 and 5 yrs old  .7years old son expired two month  before with same disdease.Kssh  suported with 50,000rs  and child recovered by Pune hosp ( vedio  for thanking available)

Health care

Health care project is mainly concerned with how  your donation should be divided among different individuals to remove the inequality and poverty. This boy is five year old and was suffering heart problems. KSSH helped to cure his disease with 50,000Rs. Now he is healthy. For  more information on the Health Care Project, visit the Project page.

kssh  team visted to madh paerdesh state of India  and collected 255 students   from different village s.Satvas distt devas  48 students  2.kala patha   31 students  3.snawad distt Kargaon   19 students  4. Ambah 37 students  and 5 bareya distt  dhar  120 students .Where the more than 30 student did not pay single ruppee for last year fees. Kssh has settled up all pending fees 345000RS in instolements.We have near about 3000€ per month debit to pay for fees.It will be done by your support .Please sponsor a child  with year amount 150€ or 12.5€ per month  please.

Education Welfare

There are 7 crore sikh sikligars and 7,5 crore Vanjara's /satnami sikhs in area of Madh Pardesh  and surroundings. They are living under poverty and are unable to afford the expenditure on their children for school. KSSH has sponsored 34 students in villages Satvas and Batul Distt Devas (MP), we paid 3000Rs for each student for halve yearly fees in 2017. In 2018, KSSH registered 255 students from six districts of MP. The 250 +2  students are upgraded to Private schools and have started  their classes. We plan to extend the education  support up to  500 students for the academic year of 2018 -19.


KSSH team visted to Madhya pardesh India

Kssh team visted for one week the different cities of MP ,We have total 275 students in response.20students of village Minawer sponsored byGNDGRotterdam ,34 student for last year2017..Now we are requesting to you for 221 students.Please stand with us by sponsor a student with 120€ per year or 10€ per month .

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Sponsor a Child

My parents have no money to educate me. Please sponsor me to create my future.


Sponsor a Child

Kindly sponsor me by donating €10 monthly or €120 yearly. Thank you.

Meet our Members of Khalsa Sewa Society


Col Raghbir singh, Dr Harpreet kaur , Bhai Jarnail singh

Heads of department

Unity is strength.

No man is an Island.
Birds of a feather flock together.

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Bhai Amrik singh


"Fortune favors the bold"

"Actions speak louder than words"

Meditate on One almighty God.





kssh team 3

Bhai Tarsem singh


Human stands for human beings.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

kssh team 4

Bhai Manjit singh

Deputy Secretary

Do not put till tommorrow what can you do today.

kssh team 5

Bhai Sarbjit singh


Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

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AI7A3773 Bhai Amrik singh
kssh action 3 Bhai Tarsem singh
AI7A4028 BHai Manjit singh and media person Yaadwinder singh
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kssh action B Dr Harpreet kaur Khurana mp kssh team manager