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Main Purpose of khalsa sewa society Holland

To serve the humunity in their helplessness

Khalsa Sewa society Holland is based on the sikh Guru ,s  advise

(1)To  earn the  bread honestly.

(2) To concentrate on One almighty God(Waheguru)

(3) To distribute the 10th part of income   among the poor/needy

khalsa sewa society Holland is registered in the chamber of commerce (registered number 69454450) and RISN 857880822 on address Tassopad 2 ,3076 WT Rotterdam Netherlands

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Khalsa sewa society Holland step its decision to serve the humenity as given below

(a)TO educate  the  children of the poor families who has no enough sources of their Income in India

(b)To help the peoples who suffering from serious illness but no money in their pocket.

(c)To help  the disable people  by providing  them with wheel chair,walker,and scooters

.(d)To help the poor parents of the young girls for their  wedding arrangements.

(e)To help the orphans /old people to  provide them roofs/shelter with house.

(f)TO help the victoms of natural desaster/floods/epidemic/Tsunam  civil or politicals war.

All these services by Khalsa sewa society Holland exercises without any differences or discriminations ,or any race of religion colour or nation

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kirtan kaur

Give the equal rights to the girls

AS  recently vist of kssh to madhya pradesh   we come to know that the peoples give more perioty to boy than  a girl.beacuase they think that the girls are not our wealth they should be aparted after marriage. They  want to educate their boys.But we are living in  developed country where both are equalily  bring up.

We request to all our donators to stand with us



shree jee high school satwas distt dewas

Duty of society develop the future of a child

43 students  are being sponsorred by kssh  by your donation.All are attending their classes regularily.According to our visted team members ,we have need to  create advance technology and climate for  modern study technic.due to parents illitracy , poverity  our students  could  not be attained modern  intechtual  standard.Our means  we have to start our own school where  develop the mind of student  in modern study and also spirtual affairness.


The illness of child is big obstacle in his/her growth

The action of Khalsa sewa society Holland

The following deeds of kssh to serve the humenity on this earth
Children are wealth of the nations

Kssh  has a plan to educate all  the poor children  in the world.It started  from small cottage of Madhya pradesh in India  where the parents of children has no drinking water , no any job and no money .In 2017  kssh began this plan with 22 students of village Satwas District Dewas  .In 2018 kssh increased   upto 255 students of six districts of Madhya Pradesh.We hope that the next session  of year 2019  will be expanded upto 500 Students

The views of teacher and student in village Bareya Te h Gandhwani Distt Dhar mp India  given in below vedio:-

Social walfare

Kssh spends your donation to all poor and needy  people .It do the  financial help for wedding of the poor ,s daughters.


Kssh  provided the clean drinking water  by arranging  water pomp in six villages where people had no water .Each water pomp  cost  155000Rupees


physical sickness is great burden on mind

The most of poor peoples suffer from the disease due to the lack of money,Kssh care of all such people and help them in their treatment .Kssh  paid 55.000Rs for the operation of  Mrs Sarita kaur  village  Bareya district Dhar  state madh pradesh   in  the Hospital  Indore(MP)


Mitha singh who is father of 5 daughters  , was laboured on 100 Rs per day,Now Kssh put  self employed  with opened repair/pucture  shop for bycycle,motor cycle and car ,Shop located in village  Stipura  distt kargone  mp

App sabh de sanyog naal khalsa sewa society Holland valo seven day high school Gandhwani Vich Bhai Mohinder singh khalsa Team leader kssh Belgium naal school di report

Geplaatst door Khalsa Sewa SocietyHolland op Donderdag 10 januari 2019

Khalsa sewa society Holland valo pind singhana madh pradesh India vikhe waterpomp lga ke ithe de vasneeka di pani samasya nuu hal kita.Guru kirpa kre sardar kamaljeet singh Usa Ji nu chardi kalan bakhshe.Vadhere jan kari lai app saperk ker sakde hoWww.kssh.nl0031645462641India +91 88277 63709

Geplaatst door Khalsa Sewa SocietyHolland op Zaterdag 19 januari 2019

Khalsa sewa society Holland valo canada dia sangat da bahut Dhandwaad kita jada hai jina ne Bhai satnaam singh ate Gurdial singh Miani naal mil ke Sardar Mitha singh Stipura khargone madh pradesh self rujgar khol ke dita haiAo world vich vasde sikh danio appa sare hee ral ke greeb sikh siklighar/vanjara samaj di bah farie

Geplaatst door Khalsa Sewa SocietyHolland op Donderdag 17 januari 2019

Action team

Khalsa sewa society Holland

Col Raghbir singh ,Dr Harpreet Kaur and Bhai Jarnail Singh

Head of department

A golden key can open any door

kssh team 4

Bhai Manjit singh

vice secrectory

Do not put till tommorrow what you can do today

kssh team 5

Bhai Sarbjit singh

Penning meester

The nature also follows the rules  of The  creator.

Human being should also divid among the poor what  do you have over.


kssh team2

Bhai Amrik singh


Rome was not buld in a day

kssh team 3

Bhai Tarsem singh


A fate worse than death

International action team

rinku transport secrectory
satnam singh Secrectory Mp kssh branch
2018-11-20 sec amsterdam kssh
jaggi Media person
bhavneet kaur germany co ordintor Kssh Germany
kssh mohinder singh sec of Vlanderen state Belgium
kssh bhai Raja singh kssh team france
kssh surjeet singh kssh team France
Bestand_001 (3) head of department

The sponsors top up  the strength of a organisation, to develop   the future of the poors  .The both be caused to promote  the economy of a nation

Your decision our action

The plan of kssh will be successful only with your decision.The differences between poor and the rich is being increased  in each  minute in this world.The poverty can be reduced  with your decision.To stand with us to help the poor peoples.

Grace of Donation

Donation defends the poor to meet  the minimal requirements of  their daily lives.But the feelings of their heart  bring the great happiness in your life.

If it is not crime to born in poor parents ,than responsibility of society to educate us.